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Latest: 1 August 2002
1 August 2002~!!
My showcase added!

30 MAY 2001
Water Color tutorial added!

Basic & Tools
Circles & Square
Learn how to draw basic circles & square.
Check out the use of history!
Learn how to draw ALL the triangle shapes!
Learn how to use blackbody to create fire!
Transparent Image
Learn how make transparent image to use on any background.
Define Pattern
Learn how to create patterns!
Adding layers & channels
Learn how add layers & channels.
File Size
Learn about the size of the file!
Cool Stuff!
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Basic Text Effects & Type
Learn how apply basic layer & text effects.
File Types
Learn about .bmp .jpg .gif .tiff .pix and more!
Brush Fade
Learn how to use brush fade to draw...
Text Effects
3D Text
Create some 3D text!
Strong Wind
Strong wind blowing!
Chrunchy Text
Very chruncy text!
Stripes Text
Stripes like the earth...
Need some fire to burn your texr?
Ice Text
Create cool ice text.
Chrome Text
Create cool chrome text. If you find error, please email me!
Hole Text
Text with holes on it.
Water Color
Water Color text!
Menu & Buttons
Basic Button
Create a basic button.
Love heart
Create some love in Valentine's day!
Burnt Paper
You don't need a match to create burnt paper!
TV ines
Create TV lines so that the picture looks like TV!
Wood Texture
Let me teach you how to create wood texture.
Other Cool Stuff
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Color Scrollbar
Did you see my scrollbar on this page?
Small Icons
Let others see your icon when they add your page to favorites.
About Me
Learn more about me...

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About Me
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