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The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

The Friedman Family

by James Gross

This page is in honor of
Reb Shmuel Fridman,
cousin of the late Dr. Nathan Steinberg

Baruch Zaidel m. Rivkah
from the town of Panevezys,Lithuania

5  known Saidel siblings:
*I  *  Isaac Labe Saidel  {Phila family}
*II *  Bernard Seidel{Del/DC family}
*III*   "Itzi" Seidel{Baltimore & Ga}
*IV *   Breina (Seidel) Kravitz{New Haven,Ct}  
*V  *  Hersh [Saidel] Fridman   {Israel/SA/AU} <======

*V* Hersch Fridman married Eiga (Rabinowitz)

The Fridman family
by James Gross

Part of this letter is an extract of an e-mail from a
cousin, Boris Friedman, formerly of Nanibia,SA, now of
Johannesburg, South Africa.

"An orphan boy named HERSH ZAIDEL was brought to Jerusalem,
 Palestine in the middle of the 19th century by a childless
 Uncle Reb Hersh Friedman from Ponevezs, Lithuania.
Hersch Zaidels father's name was Baruch Zaidel and his
mother's name was Rivkah.  Hersch Zaidel adopted the
surname of his Uncle; hence Hersch Friedman.

At the same time some good people brought to Jerusalem a
little orphan girl of 9, Eigeleh from Pasvalys/Posvol Lithuania, 
who lost her mother at a very young age.  Her father was
Reb Bezalel Rabinowitz and her mother was Gittel a relation
of the late chief rabbi of Palestine; Reb Abraham Isaac
Hacohen Kook.

Hersch Friedman married Eiga Rabinowitz in Jerusalem. Hersch
was 21 & Eiga 12.  Eiga gave birth to her first child at the
age of 16.  They had ten children, of whom 7 survived:

I.   Bezalel Friedman
II.  Cheina Gittel (Fridman) Pearlstein
III. Abraham Fridman
IV.  Morris "Moshe" Saidel
V.   Hinda (Fridman) Zlotkin
VI.  Mirium (Fridman) Chaitowitz
VII. Yitzchak Friedman

I. Bezalel Fridman married Kriendel

     A. Chaya Gittel (Fridman) m. Chaim Yehuda Yacobson.
        1. Avraham Yacobson 
        2. Yehoshua Yacobson m. Dvora
        3. Yitzhok-Moshe Yacobson
        4. Yaacov-Meir Yacobson m. Sara
        5. Yocheved Lieder

     B. Yitzchak Bendit Fridman m. Hadassah

        1. Bracha (Friedman) m. Arie Blastkovski
           a. Elhanan Blatkovski m. Nava
           b. Shlomit (Blatkovski) m. Avi Sharon
           c. Netanel Blatkovski

        2. David Friedman m. Aliza
           a. Mordechai Friedman m. Hana
           b. Drora (Friedman) m. Jacob Gopas

        3. Moshe Mordechai Friedman m. aviva
           a. Yael Friedman
           b. Shmuel Friedman
           c. Shira Friedman

        4. Zvi Friedman m. Yeheved (Hazan)
           a. Ariel Friedman

        5. Shmuel Gedalia Friedman m. Ilana
           a. Sharon Friedman
           b. Hadas Friedman

     C. Yaacov Friedman m. Yochevet

     D. Reb Schmuel Friedman m. Mirium
        note: Was in contact with my grandfather, the late
        Dr. Nathan Steinberg, for many years. I visited Shmuel
        during my Summer 1994 visit to Israel.
        1. Atara (Fridman) m. David Heimann
           I visited with David and Atara during my 1994 visit
           to Israel.
        2. Tzipora (Fridman) m. Avraham Salomon
        3. Rabbi Bezalel Fridman m. Mirium (Rotterr)
        4. Rabbi Moishe Fridman m. Mira (Redlech)
        5. Hillel Fridman m. Judy (Klein)
        6. Zvi Fridman m. Etti (Fas)

     E. Moishe Eliezer Friedman

     F. Abraham David Friedman

     G. Mirium (Fridman) m. Yosef Spitzer
        1. Leah (Spitzer) m. Zvi Chaikeen
        2. Sara Spitzer
        3. David Ben-Yosef

II. Cheina Gittel (Friedman) married Avroim Pearlstein.

     A. Rivkah (Pearlstein) m. Chaim Friedman

     B. Naphtali Pearlstein m. Rivkah
        1. Matthew Pearlstein

     C. Sarah Freidah (Pearlstein) m. Jack Golding
        1. Freida (Golding) m. Essakow
        2. Basil Golding
        3. David Golding

     D. Chaya (Pearlstein) m. Berl Kacev
        1. Leah (Kacev) m. Mervyn Poliak
        2. Sheilah (Kacev) m. Chaim Menachemson
        3. Adele (Kacev) m. Selwyn Jaffe
        4. David Kacev m. Esther (Dukorsky)

     E. Yaacov Pearlstein m. Galilit
        1. Yossi Pnini m. Perlette
        2. Ehoud Pnini
        3. Varda (Pnini)

     F. Judith (Pearlstein) m. Louis Barechowitz

III. Abraham Friedman married Zizya.

     A. Mollie (Friedman) m. Joseph Feigin
        1. Sylvia (Feigin) m. #1 Yigal Helman
                              #2 Jimmy Schwartzkot
        2. Leah (Feigin) m. Shraiga __?__
        3. Natan Feigin m. Rivki
        4. Yonathan Feigin m. Dianne

     B. Natan Friedman
        was in IAF. Died in plane crash.

     C. Joyce (Friedman) m. Moishe Zasler
        1. Dr. Nathan Zasler
        2. Jonathan Zasler

     D. (husb#1) Harry Friedman m. Billah
        (Harry died & Billah remarried)
        (husb #2) Shlomo Shachal m. Billah
        1. Boaz Shachal
        2. Harel Shachel

IV. Morris Saidel married #1 Yetta (Weisbein)
                          #2 Molly (Kane)

    A. Yisrael Saidel married Mildred.
       1. Daniel Saidel
       2. Jonathan Saidel
       3. Laura (Saidel) Barris

      Related to the Friedman family was the Saidel family.
      In addition to Hersch Friedman, Isaac Labe Saidel and
      Baruch Seidel are 2 known decendants from this family.
      Click for Saidel family.

V. Hinda (Friedman) married Todres Zlotkin.

    A. Yitzchok Yosef Zlotkin m. Chaya

VI. Mirium (Friedman) married Yaacov Chaitowitz.
       The Chaitowitz family settled in Johannesburg
       where Uncle Chaitowitz was a reverend at the
       Observatory Curve Shul.  He had three sons,
       Hymie who died a few years ago (he was a doctor
       in Johannesburg), Joe a pharmnacist who emigrated
       to Australia (also died) and Harry.

       Recent database info refers to a Chait family from
       Panevezys,Lithuania in a 1834 Revision (census) list.
       Related family are from Vabalninkas & Krekenova,Lith.

    A. Sarah Rivkah (Chaitowitz) m. Issie Israelite.
       1. Charlene (Israelite) m. Hillo Mulun
       2. Susanne (Israelite) Berchowitz

    B. Chaim Chaitowitz married Chasya.
       1. David Chaitowitz
       2. Belulah (Chaitowitz) Ezra

   C. Yosef Chaitowitz married Rose.
       1. Jeffrey Chaitowitz
       2. Bernard Chaitowitz m. Jenna
       3. Melvin Chaitowitz
       4. Debbie (Chaitowitz) m. Colin Rezner

     D. Harry Chaitowitz married Ann.
       1. Merilyn (Chaitowitz) m. Colin Zetzer
       2. Sharon (Chaitowitz) m. Oleg Pekar
       3. Ivan Chaitowitz m. Rochelle

VII. Yitchak Friedman married Malka (Sussaman).

     A. Abraham Dov Friedman m. Esther Breina.
        1. Boris Friedman m. Joan Lea (Jacobsen)

     B. Bezalel (Charlie) Friedman married Rachael.
         1. Rabbi Zwi Friedman
         2. Rabbi Jossie Friedman
         3. Rabbi Joel Friedman

     C. Moishe (Morris) Friedman married Sylvia.
         1.Ronnie Friedman
         2.Steven Friedman
         4.Jonathan Friedman

     D. Mordechai (Monty) Friedman married Irene.
        1. Maureen (Friedman) m. Daniel Fromer
        2. Michael Friedman
        3. Robert friedman

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