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Israel Moishe Schwartzwald married Gale in Mukanie, Poland

     (Mukanie,Poland is just south of Radziechow, Poland.
      Radziechow, Poland aka today as Radekhov, Ukraine)

    The Badner family lived in Mukanie, Poland.
    The Schwartzwald family is documented as living in Peretzie,poland
    (Mukanie is located 20  miles South of Radziekov/Radziechow, Poland). 
    WWII documentation listed on Jewishgen's database lists several 
    Schwartzwald's as being in the ghetto in Radziekhov & being killed.
      5 known children:
        I.  Scheindel (Schwartzwald) Badner
       II.  Isaac Schwartzwald
      III.  Fannie (Schwartzwald) Neubauer
       IV.  Tobey (Schwartzwald) Kriegler
        V.  Ida "Chaje" (Schwartzwald) Sofronsky
3 known Sofronsky siblings

    I.   Rabbi Wolf Sofronsky
    II.  Isaac Sofronsky
    III. Abraham Sofronsky

     I. Rabbi Wolf Sofronsky m. Ida "Chaje"(Schwartzwald)
        Wolf born in Molova/Moiev, Russia
        Wolf son of Chaim Zvi
        Chaje daughter of Reb Efriam
        Chaje born in Peretzie,Poland
        308 Milfin St Phila (1921,1923)

        A. Irving Sofronsky
        B. Anna (Sofronsky) Leibowitz
        C. Alfred Shaffer
        D. Herman Sofronsky
        E. Joseph Schaffer

        A. Irving "Yitzhok" Sofronsky/Shaffer m. #1 Rose (Weisblatt)
                 Irving born 1900 in Peretzie,Poland. Cousin Samuel
           Gross also from Peretzie, Poland. married Rose in 1922 
           Balt,Md. witness:Rabbi Abraham Kunin, 601 Morris St.
           Rose born 1899 in Rowne,Russia/Poland

                 1. Sadie (Sofronski)m. Hyman London

        A. (cont.)
           Irving "Yitzhok" Sofronsky/Shaffer m. #2 Sarah (Tapis)
           Sarah married to Irving in 1931. Sarah born
           in Kelnes, Lith.(Alsedziai, Telsiai Aprskritas)

                 2. Rebecca (Shaffer) m. Sanford Soclof 
                 3. Anna (Shaffer) m. Joseph Mintzer
                 4. [#1]Rabbi Avraham Zelig Sofronski m. Tzier
                     Avraham died.
                    [#2] Rabbi Yitzhok Gobioff m. Tzier

       B. Anna (Sofronsky) m. #1 Murry Jacobs
                              #2 Louis Leibowitz
          Anna b: 1904, Murry b:1900, married 1925,
          Anna at 308 Mifflin St, Phila
          Murry at 978 Union Ave, Phila.

           1. Marilyn (Jacobs) m. George Christ
           2. Dr. Martin Jacobs m. Deborah (Blackman)

      C. Alfred Shaffer m. #1 ??
                        m. #2 Betty (Freeland)
         Alfred (Ephriam) b: 1910
          1.Marvin Shaffer
          2. Steven Shaffer

      D. Herman  Sofronsky m. Sylvia
         Herman (Hyman) b: 1912

          1. Janice (Sofronsky) m. Arnold Gelman
          2. Dr. Warren Shaffer m. Dr. Pamela

      E. Joseph Shaffer m. Matilda (Schwartz)
                Joseph b: 1892

          1. Bernice (Shaffer) m. Goldstein
          2. Annalee (Shaffer) m. Irving Goldstein

II.    Isaac Sofronsky
       Isaac Sofronsky m. Yache
        A. Harold Sofron
        B. Chaya
        C. Afri

        A. Harold Sofron
           Name changed from Girsas Sofronsky
           b: Schailiai, Lithuania.

III.    Abraham Sofronsky
        Abraham m. Sarah (Levitt)

        A. Benjamin Sofronsky
        B. Herman Sofronsky
        C. Annie (Sofronsky) Feld
        D. Morris Sofronsky
        E. Maurice Sofroney
        F. Irving Sofronsky
        G. Fayge (Sofronsky) Shaffer
        H. Jack Sofronsky

        A. Benjamin Sofronsky m. Della Mae (Oxier)
            1. Bernie Sofronsky m. #2 Susan (Day)
            2. Barbara (Sofronsky) Goebert

        B. Herman Sofronsky
             1. Adam
             2. David

        C. Annie (Sofronsky) m. Samuel Feld
             1. Dr. Herbert Feld
             2. Gertrude (Feld) m. Auerbach
             3. Alexander Feld

        D. Morris Sofronsky

        E. Maurice Sofroney m. Charlotte
             1. Maurice Sofroney m. Betty (Bottom)
             2. Fred Sofroney
             3. Charles Sofronsky

        F. Irving Sofronsky
             1. Ronald Sofronski
             2. Bunnie Sofronsky

        G. Fayge Sofronaky m. #1 Samuel Walkoff
                              #2 Abraham Shaffer

        H. Jack Sofronsky

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