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GLGlobe - free OpenGl Globe-Earth simulation for linux

This is the GLGlobe homepage. Below you see a snapshots of GLGlobe in action - click to enlarge.

Florian Berger
Florian Berger
Florian Berger


GLGlobe is an OpenGL - globe simulation for Linux. It was inspired by XGlobe or XEarth and actually it can use the marker-files of these programs. The Mapfile is still hardcoded, but it will be specify-able in the command line in future. It is still very alpha and may not even compile on your machine without hacking the source code or the makefile. You need to have GLU and GLUT installed on your system. furthermore libjpeg and linpng are needed for the mapfiles.

Yet, the following features are implemented:

  • rotation of the globe by mouse or cursor keys
  • zooming with vertical mouse movement and right button held
  • time fwd/rew with horizontal mouse movement and right button held
  • time resetting with pressing <0>
  • zooming by pressing <+>/<->
  • <g> for dis/enabling grid
  • <d> for dis/enabling day/night-line
  • <m> for dis/enabling markers
  • <t> for switching bitmap/stroke fonts for markers
  • <ESC> for exit
  • menu with the middle mouse key (if the mesa lib supports it)
  • slow rotate - hold left mousebutton and CTRL-key
  • some commandline options similar to xearth or xglobe (grid, mapfile, markersfile,...)
  • most maps for xglobe should be useable (jpg or png) (jpg loader code is lent from Hari Nair's xplanet).
  • xglobe - marker files specifyable on commandline

Known bugs:

  • something is wrong with the bitmap-font writing from glut and the depth buffer (at least on my system XFree-4.0 with glide_dri)
  • actually I don't know how the daylight saving is implemented in linux so I don't know if everything is coded right in this sense (I assumed the time delivered by time() is the local time on thesystem including daylight saving)


GLGlobe 0.2 - 387 KB source tarball
GLGlobe 0.1 - 387 KB source tarball

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