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SentryHope - Hostile Makeover
Size: 31K
Summary: Quinn and the other Fashion Club elite must come up with an idea in
                 order to save their beloved organization from reduced funding.
                 They decided in order to do this they must transform someone from
                 "geek to chic". And that's were Daria comes in...

Shanahan, Timothy - Poor Pathetic Planet
Size: 16K
Summary: A Daria/Captain Planet crossover.

Skyrocket - The MSTing of Sailor Brittany
Size: 17K
Summary: Characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000 provide hilarious
                 commentary on "Sailor Brittany".

Stephanie - Fashion Statement, A
Size: 13K
Summary: The Fashion Club changes the school colors, upsetting Brittany.

Stephanie - Genuine Imitation 
Size: 12K

Stephanie - Trent Gets a Job
Size: 10K
Summary: Trent finally gets a job as a guard when Jane refuses to lend
                 him anymore money. Chaos ensues when his first job is to baby-sit
                 Brittany Taylor.

Strider - Daria, My Sweet
Size: 41K

Summers, Amanda - Dated
Size: 38K
Summary: When Trent is given the opportunity to audition for another band, he
                 and Jesse invite Jane and Daria to come along and watch. Helen
                 (already worried because of Daria's lack of a social life) and the
                 rest of the family become convinced that she is dating Trent.

Suzy - Britt?
Size: 6K
Summary: When Brittany is kicked off the cheerleading squad, she becomes
                 part of the Fashion Club, causing Quinn to become jealous.

Suzy - Cheater  
Size: 3K
Summary: Daria does Jane's math project for her and Jane gets caught.

SweetSummer7 - Carnival
Size: 19K
Summary: Lawndale High goes to a theme park for a few days.