Barfield Descendants

Immigration from England

1. Jon Barfield was born about 1630 in England, died after 1672. Married Miss Loadman. One known son, Richard I. Barfield and one known daughter, Jane Barfield, b. about 1660, m. Thomas Brown, d. ?? (See Susan Collier's Barfield page )

First American Generation

2. Richard I. Barfield born 1665 in Virginia, died 1755 in Duplin County, N.C. Married Mary Evans. Children of RICHARD BARFIELD and MARY EVANS are:






vi. RICHARD BARFIELD, 2ND, b. Abt. 1695.

vii. HENRY BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1700.

viii. THOMAS BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1705.

ix. JAMES BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1709.

x. WILLIAM BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1710.

3. xi. SOLOMON BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1715.


Second Generation

3. Solomon Barfield (RICHARD I.2, JON.1) born about 1715, died ? Married ?? Children of SOLOMON BARFIELD are:

4. i. JESSE4 BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1729; d. Abt. 1781.

ii. BLAKE BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1736.

iii. MILES BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1736.

iv. SOLOMON BARFIELD, JR., b. Abt. 1737; d. Abt. 1827, North Carolina; m. SARA CROW; b. Wayne Co., N.C.


Third Generation

4. Jesse Barfield (SOLOMON3, RICHARD I.2, JON.1) born about 1729 (makes father age 14?) and died about 1781 in Macon County, GA. Married ? Burial at Jesse Barfield cemetery, Macon County, GA. This Jesse was a Revolutionary soldier and supposedly known as "Jesse the Tory." One known son, Barrett Barfield Sr. (also spelled Barritt, Bassett). Source: Susan Collier

Children of JESSE BARFIELD are:


5. ii. BARRETT BARFIELD, SR., b. 1763, Marion County, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1850, Ideal, Macon Co., GA.


Jesse was called "The Tory". See BARFIELD NOTES.

Macon Co., GA cemetery records: Cemetery#2 Barfield (Jesse) Cemetery.

Directions given state it is on the west side of Brooks Rd. on LL 201 in the 2nd District. It can no longer be located, but was proven in Deed Book 8, Pg 119 in Macon Co., GA courthouse records.* Only three graves are listed - Jesse, Nancy, Barrett.

(*There is apparently some discrepancy or typographical error, as when I tried to locate these records by the platted books at the Macon County Courthouse, in Oglethorpe, GA I was unable to do so. --SRC/Jun '99)

inf. by: Davine V. Campbell, Guelda L. Hay & Millie C. Stewart 31-Mar-1994 (Susan Collier)

SEE: Macon county census records for Barfield, Jesse 1850-1860-1870


Fourth Generation

5. Barrett Barfield, SR. (JESSE4, SOLOMON3, RICHARD I.2, JON.1) born about 1763 in Marion County, South Carolina, married NANCY SUSANNA Abt. 1788. Barrett died about 1850 in Ideal, Macon Co., GA. Reportedly, Barrett had 22 children.

NANCY SUSANNA was born Abt. 1765 in South Carolina, and died Abt. 1845 in Ideal, Macon Co., GA.

Source: Susan Collier , Guelda Hay


6. i. JESSE M.6 BARFIELD, b. 1790, Marion County, South Carolina.; d. August 1867, Macon Co., Georgia. [WILL]

ii. MARY M. BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1791, South Carolina; d. December 1871.

iii. WILLIAM BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1792; d. 1792.

iv. ROGER BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1793, Marion County, South Carolina; d. 1820, Macon Co., Georgia.

v. JAMES BARFIELD, b. 1799.

vi. ELIZABETH BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1801, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1870, Marion Co., SC.

vii. BARRETT 'WRIT' BARFIELD, JR., b. Abt. 1803, SC; d. November 18, 1876, Lake View, Dillon County, SC.

viii. LEVI BARFIELD, b. 1804, SC., m. Penelope, had 5 children. (Collier line)

ix. CHARLES BARFIELD, b. 1805; m. EPSIE/APSIE; b. 1814, SC; d. 1892, Bosten, TX.

x. PERSERVED BARFIELD, b. 1811, South Carolina.

xi. CELIA BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1797, SC; d. South Fork, SC.

xii. JOHN BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1812.

xiii. LEWIS BARFIELD, b. 1813, Marion Co., N.C.; d. Abt. 1849, Macon Co., GA.


xv. APPEY BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1815; m. LUKE JOHNSON.

. xvi. HARLEY BARFIELD, b. 1820.

xvii. ROBERT BARFIELD, b. Aft. 1820.


Notes and quotes from Susan Collier: (See Susan Collier's Barfield page )

Descendants of this Barfield line now live in all parts of the country. A direct line as of 1999 also resides in GA, in areas of Bibb, Macon, Peach, and Taylor Counties.


'The Barfield family, in part, live in Hillsboro, South Carolina. They are the descendants of Barrett Barfield, who in the thirties resided in Hillsboro, just below Gladdy's Mill, and on the plantation now owned by his grandson, Capt. R.H. Rogers: he had by the same wife, and raised them to be grown, twenty-two children, sons and daughters: he and most of his family, moved West. Writ Barfield, a son, and an excellent citizen, remained, and several of his daughters, who had to Dew Rogers, one to Ebenezer Rogers in the Fork, one to Love Goodyear...they also remained and all raised large families. Writ Barfield was a very worthy citizen, raised a considerable family, several sons: they and their posterity now are among our people, not personally known to the writer; and he supposes that old Barrett Barfield, their ancestor, was a son, or brother, or nephew of the celebrated Tory, Capt. Barfield, of Revolutionary fame; which appellation, Tory, is now no longer a derisive name... at least, so far as the Barfield family is concerned; some of the best soldiers we had in our late Confederate War were of that family, of that name and its connections of Barfield blood. The writer may have something to say further on in this book in regard to the word Tory, as an appellation of derision or contempt. Captain Barfield as a leader, though on the losing side of the Revolution, is spoken of as a brave man, fighting for what he believed to be right. A distinctive characteristic of the Barfield family, and especially of the females, was their beauty...perfect form and features, of medium size and great activity. The men were as agile as a deer. It is said of one of the sons of old Barrett, named Thompson, that he could cut a double summersault...that he could walk along and cut a dozen without stopping. In a tustle or fight they were hard to handle, even by larger men and of greater strength. Miss Appey Barfield, the youngest daughter of old man Barfield, was as beautiful a woman as ever this writer looked at, weighted about one hundred and twenty-five or thirty, was perfect in form and as pretty as the fabled Venus. the last time the writer saw her was in February, 1835, not long before her father left the country. Writ (Barrett) Barfield, the father of the Barfields, now in Hillsboro, lived to be more than eighty years old.

(p 191-192, "A History of Marion County, SC", author: Sellers, Pub: The R.L. Bryan Co., Columbia, SC, 1902.)

Barfield, ....(Jesse)..Capt. of a company of Tories. In an affair with the Whig partisan Melton, he was successful. Gabriel Marion, a nephew of the General, fell into his hands, and as soon as recognized, was put to death. "His name was fatal to Him." (p.209, 'Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution with an Historical Essay, Vol I', author: Sabina, Pub: Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1864.)

Directions to cemetery:

Leaving Lake View on Hwy 41, turn left at grain elevators - St. Rd. S-17-278. Go 1.6 mi., onto dirt road. Cemetery is across field in the edge of the woods; totally covered by bramble thicket. Cemetery in on the old Barrett Barfield home place, more recently known as the Tally Barfield farm, now owned by a descendant of ?. Only two stone markers were found.


Fifth Generation

6. JESSE M.6 BARFIELD (BARRETT5, JESSE4, SOLOMON3, RICHARD I.2, JON.1) was born 1790 in Marion County, South Carolina, and died August 1867 in Macon Co., Georgia. He married NANCY THOMPSON, daughter of REDDING THOMPSON of S.C.. Nancy was born 1790, and died June 1860 in Macon Co., Georgia. Source: Susan Collier [According to WILL of Jesse Barfield, he died June 1861.]

Jesse M. owned 4 acres land next to Benjamin Chapel Martin (BCM) Brooks. Will donated 1/4 acre for cemetery where he is buried per Jesse Bud. Cemetery lost, destroyed by road equipment. Source: Guelda Hay


i. SEBRINE7 BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1815, South Carolina; m. JOHN MONROE SOUTHER.

Sabrina was called "Breny".

ii. JOHN BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1817, South Carolina.

iii. MARY A. BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1817; m. BRITTON BROOKS (brother of BCM Brooks?)

iv. EDNA BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1817, South Carolina.


Inf. per 1870 Taylor Co., GA census 'Edne' in family of brother, Jesse. Transcribed census. : BARFIELD, Jessey (B,) 32 (Rebecca) Lucy (Brooks) 28 William 3; James 2; John 1; Ednie 53 N.C. (sister) Est. of y/o/b is based on census. rec.

v. W.J. OWEN BARFIELD, b. Abt. 1824, SC. Owen Barfield, Married 1st Nancy ?? from Brooks County, 2nd. Amanda Taunton Source: Guelda Hay


vii. ADA BARFIELD, b. 1831; m. WILLIAM HENRY OLIVER, August 13, 1865, Macon Co., GA.

Notes for ADA BARFIELD: Ada Barfield was married to Henry Oliver by John Rowe, M.G. in Macon Co., GA verif. by orig. lic. on file. William Henry Oliver was in Co. A, 10th Battn GA Volunteers.


Notes for ELIZABETH ANN BARFIELD: Elizabeth Ann was listed as 'Beedy' on 1870 Taylor Co. GA (trans.) c. pg. 144

BARFIELD, Beedy 37; henry 17 also in hh is JOINER, Mary 16. (NOTE - Obedience would more likely be named "Beedy" but the age at 1870 would be 43.) John Wesley Souter was in Co. A, 10th Battn GA Volunteers and Co. B 22nd Battn GA Heavy Arty.

 7. ix. JESSE BUD BARFIELD, b. 1838 (listed as 32 in 1870 census); d. 16-Feb-1905. [See obit below ]

Source: Susan Collier , obit from : Davine V. Campbell , Will of Jesse Barfield from Davine Campbell.



Sixth Generation

7. Jesse Bud Barfield (JESSE M.6, BARRETT5, JESSE4, SOLOMON3, RICHARD I.2, JON.1), CSA, born 1841 (1838?), married Lucy Ann Rebecca Brooks on 25-Jan-1866 in Macon Co., GA, died 10-Feb-1906 at age 65. Buried near his brother's home beside his wife's grave on Whitewater Creek. The obit below suggests he died Monday 16-Jan-1905 at age 65 and suggests birth year of 1839. Obit also suggests a 2nd wife. Burial at Barfield-Shepherd Cemeteries, Whitewater Creek, off GA. 127. Marriage to Lucy Ann R. Brooks by L.M. Garlin, JP (per. orig. m. records/Macon County, Ga.) [Named in WILL of Jesse M. Barfield]

Lucy Ann Rebecca Brooks was born 1841 in Macon Co., GA, the daughter of Benjamin Chapel Martin Brooks (1817-1900) and Elizabeth Smith (1817-1860) who were married on 3-Oct-1839. Lucy Ann Rebecca Brooks died on 26-Nov-1890. [BCM Brooks was the son of William W. Brooks (b. 1769 VA, d. Ideal GA) and Charlotte ?, both of Virginia. BCM Brooks was born 1-Jun-1817; m. 3-Oct-1839 Russell Co. AL; d. 21-Nov-1900 Ideal, Macon Co. GA Elizabeth Smith died 8-Jul-1860, Macon Co. GA Source: Glenn L. Barfield, Lakeland, FL] BCM Brooks was a Methodist Minister of the Gospel & listed as performing a marriage service for many people in the area...

Jesse Bud Barfield enlisted in the 10th Battallion Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company A, the "Macon County Guards" on 23-Apr-1862 and later transferred to 22nd Battn Ga Heavy Artillery Co. B. (source: National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0003, 00003409/ - John Griffin. Several soldiers from Company A transferred to 22nd Battn Heavy Artillery Company B per Dennis Miller)  From the official record: "Adjutant & Inspector General's Office, Richmond, November 11, 1863. Special Orders No. 268"....para. XIX. "The following named privates are mutually transferred each to the others command, all parties consenting, provided no expense to the Confederate States be thereby incurred: J.B. Barfield, Company A, Tenth Battalion Georgia Volunteers; A.B. Edge, Company B, Twenty-second Battalion Georgia Artillery."  Arnuldus B. Edge was sent to Co.A, 10th Batn in exchange for JB Barfield who was sent to Co.B 22nd GA Batn Heavy Artillery.


Source: Guelda Hay

Jesse Bud Barfield, CSA, and Lucy Ann Rebecca Brooks had the following nine children:

+8. Thomas Lafayette Barfield, b.1-Oct-1882, died 6-Feb-1961, married Eldora Theus (daughter of Thomas B. Theus and Susan Emma Gresham) 12-Dec-1904 in Taylor Co. Buried at Bethlehem in Taylor County. ( See 1915 Theus family photo ) (Photo T.L. Barfield c. 1905.) [ Photo Tom&Dora Barfield Oct.1958 ] ( Photo Dora Theus Barfield )

ii. John E. Barfield born ?, died 9 December 1956, married Fannie Elliston, buried at Prosperity in Taylor County.

iii. Nancy Katherine Barfield b. 1880 married Isaac "Boss" Barfield 22 December 1898, died 1910, buried at Bethlehem, Taylor County.

iv. Melizer (Mary L.) Barfield, married. John Watson

v. Berry Barfield, married Julia Whittington 10 January 1894 . Taylor Co. 1900 Census lists Lucy Bell Barfield age 4 in household. [Note: George W. Whittington was Cpl. In 22nd Battn Ga Heavy Artillery Co. B and listed as age 22 with wife Sarah in 1860 Census p.832 Reynolds, House #21 Family# 21 and children including Julia C. Whittington age 2---may be mother of this Julia.]

vi. Jesse Monroe Barfield, b. Feb. 2,1877, d. Jan. 5, 1928, married Jeffy L. McCarty, 2nd Edna Rosella James (obit below), buried at Little Bethel in Macon County. (obit suggests County Line Cemetery)

vii. William B. Barfield, married Margaret A. Hill 21 February 1889.

viii. Jimmie Barfield, died age 18

ix. Daniel W. Barfield, b. 23 August 1872, married Lula Williams, died 24 April 1923, Buried at Bethlehem.

The Butler Herald: Volume 29, # 11, January 17, 1905 [Source: Davine V. Cambell

Abstracted: by Marilyn Neilser Windham. [ 17Jan1905 was a Tuesday --Steve Scroggins ]

J. B. Barfield died at his home on Monday. Had a stroke of paralysis. Was 65 years of age. Leaves wife and 5 sons and 2 daughters, Messrs. William, Berry, John, Thomas, and Monroe Barfield. Miss Mary Eliza[Liza] and Mrs. Isiah[Isaac] Barfield.

Burial in Barfield-Shepherd Cemeteries, Whitewater Creek, Macon County, GA (off GA127); also buried there are (*as listed) BARFIELD: Allen s/Enos b.1848 (no death date); W. 7months; Donice G. 32 months; George L. 4 months; Georgia Ann W/Allen (*note do not know if this means wife or widow of 'Allen'?); b. 3 Dec 1853 d.19 Feb 1890; James Owen b. 8 Feb 1868 d. 26 May 1889; Jesse Bud* b. 1836 d. 1905; Lester R. 3 days; Rebecca Ann Brooks b. 7Sep 1841 d. 26 Nov 1890; First name is 'T'. middle is (R or D?) 7 mos 5 days; Tommy S. 7 days. [---Susan Register Collier ] Allen BAREFIELD m. 18 Feb 1869 Taylor Co., GA to Georgia Ann SHEPHERD, d/o William Riley SHEPHERD & Lucercia Irene DYERS. [----Nadine Shipman-Sinkwitz <>]

[Note: This bio was published in the Memoirs of Georgia around 1896] --Source: Virginia Crilley

J.B. Barfield, farmer, Butler, Taylor Co., Ga., son of Jesse and Nancy
(Thompson) Barfield, was born in Macon County, Ga., in 1839.

His grandparents on his father's side were Bart and Nancy Barfield. He
was of Irish descent, born in North Carolina, moved to Georgia early in
this century, and settled in Macon County. He was a farmer, and served
in the patriot army during the Revolutionary War.

Mr. Barfield's father was a native of North Carolina, migrated to Georgia
in 1833, and settled in Macon County. He was a farmer, was a soldier
during the Mexican War, and was a prominent and active member of the
Primitive Baptist Church.

His grandfather on his mother's side was Redding Thompson, who was born
in North Carolina, and lived there all of his life.

Mr. Barfield was raised a farmer, and enjoyed very indifferent education
advantages. In 1862 he was enlisted in Company B {[sic] it was
Company A}, Capt. Frederick, Tenth
Georgia Battalion, and participated in the battles of Fredericksburg and
Suffolk. After the war, he worked on a farm until 1868, when he bought a
small tract of land in the woods, on which he cleared a farm, improved
it, and made himself a pleasant, comfortable home. Mr. Barfield was
married in 1866 to Miss Rebecca Brooks - born in Macon County, Ga. in
1850, daughter of Benjamin M.C. and Eliza (Coleman) Brooks. He was a
native of Virginia, removed to Georgia early in life and settled in Upson
County, whence, afterward, he removed to Macon County, where he is now
enjoying life on his farm. He was tax collector of Macon County one
term. Of the children born to Mr. and Mrs. Barfield, eight are living:
William B., John E., Berrie, Daniel W., Eliza, Jesse M., Nancy C., and
Thomas. Mrs. Barfield, who was an exemplary member of the Methodist
Church died in 1890. (November 26)

Citizens & Georgian - Montezuma, Ga. February 2, 1950
Funeral services for Mrs. Edna Rosella Barfield, 68 year old resident of Macon County, were conducted at County Line Baptist Church by the Rev. C. J. Goss Sunday afternoon, January 29. Interment was in the church cemetery. Nephews of Mrs. Barfield served as pallbearers.
Born in Macon County on December 12, 1881, the daughter of the late William P. and Sara Barfield James. She passed away on Friday at her residence after an illness of several months.
She was the wife of the late
Jesse Monroe Barfield and is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Robert Hammock of Oglethorpe, Mrs. Claude Greene of Alma; and Mrs. Marvin Hall of Cordele; and one son, Glenn L. Barfield of Chicago, Ill. Also surviving are two brothers, W. G. James of Butler and W. R. James of Ideal.
Smith Tindol Funeral Services was in charge.
[Note: Edna R. James Barfield - Born December 12, 1881 - Died January 27, 1950 is buried in County Line Cemetery beside her husband, Jesse Monroe Barfield [ Feb. 2,1877 - Jan. 5, 1928]
Source: Davine V Campbell

[Note: Edna R James was the daughter of William P. James and Sara B Barfield. William P James was the son of W. James Jr. and O. Barfield. Sara B Barfield was the daughter of Warren Barfield and Joanna Johnson. Source: Glenn & Irene Barfield - Lakeland FL, formerly Chicago]


THE BUTLER HERALD, Taylor Co., Ga. January 19, 1909 Mrs. T. B. Theus and daughter, Mrs. T. L. Barfield visited her brother, Mr. Gresham of Howard. Mrs. T. B. Theus was Susan Emma Gresham daughter of George W. Gresham and his first wife, Sarah Jane McKenney. Mr. Gresham of Howard was Jefferson D. Gresham son of George W. Gresham and his second wife Sarah Frances Snelson. Sarah Frances Snelson was daughter of John Snelson and Polly Reeves. John Snelson married George Gresham's mother, Matilda McKenney Gresham widow of Pleasant Gresham. Matilda McKenney Gresham and Sarah Jane McKenney were 1st cousins once removed and Matilda was her mother-in-law. Source: John R. Adams


Seventh Generation

+8. Thomas Lafayette Barfield (JESSE BUD7, JESSE M.6, BARRETT5, JESSE4, SOLOMON3, RICHARD I.2, JON.1), born 1-Oct-1882, died 6-Feb-1961, married Eldora Theus (daughter of Thomas B. Theus and Susan Emma Gresham) 12-Dec-1904 in Taylor Co. Buried at Bethlehem in Taylor County. ( See 1915 family photo ) (Photo T.L. Barfield c. 1905.) (Photo TL and Dora Theus Barfield 1959 ) ( Photo of Dora Theus Barfield )

Thomas Lafayette Barfield and Eldora Theus had the following five children:

i Emma Lucille Barfield b. 26-Nov-1905, d. 6-Oct-1986 - married Jesse James 6-Jun-1926. Jessie James b. 17-Nov-1902, d. 29-Apr-1925.

+ii Ethel Barfield, b. 31-Dec-1907, d. 18-Nov-1990 - married Norman Leroy McInvale. Four children. Both buried Upson Memorial Garden.

iii. Jesse B. Barfield, b. 13-May-1910, d. 7-Jan-1984, married Martha Lois Sanders 10-Aug-1916

+9. Oleta Barfield, b. 27-Aug-1912, 19-Sep-1992 - married Henley Grady Jones 28-Jun-1930, son of Rev. John J. Jones and Nettie Poole and grandson of Ezekial Jones and Martha Jane Boddie and grandson of George Washington Poole and Ellen Lawhorn. They had two children.

+v Dora Clinton Barfield, b. 29-Mar-1919, married Fred Glen Self, they had 3 children. Resides in Thomaston, GA.

THOMASTON TIMES Sept. 21, 1992 [Source: Bobby C. Smith ]

Mrs. Oleta B. Jones, 80, of 217A East Lee St. died Saturday, Sept. 19, 1992 at Upson Regional Medical Center. Graveside services were held Sunday, Sept. 20 at 3:30 p.m. at Upson Memorial Gardens with Elder C.E. Darity officiating. Pasley Fletcher Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Jones was a native of Taylor County and had made her home in Thomaston for the past 52 years. She attended Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church and was a retired employee of Martha Mills. She is survived by a son; Mr. Grady Julian Jones of Powder Springs, Ga.; a sister, Mrs. Clinton Self of Thomaston; a son in law, Mr. L.J. Scroggins of Warner Robins; four grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

[Note: Oleta B. Jones is buried in Memorial Gardens west of Thomaston on GA Hwy 36. Oleta Barfield Jones died 53 days after the death of her daughter. Marion Jones Scroggins wrote a poem about Oleta's talent for making quilts--see link below. My grandmother loved life and I'm thankful for the role she played in mine. --Steve Scroggins]

Ninth Generation

Henley Grady Jones and Oleta Barfield had the following two children:

i. Grady4 Julian Jones was born 23-Oct-1933 in Taylor County, Georgia . He married Genelle Carroll and they have two children.

10. Marion4 Jones was born in Taylor County, GA 4-May-1936. She died 28-July-1992 in Warner Robins, Houston County, GA, at 56 years of age. Buried at Parkway Memorial Gardens, Houston County. She married Lon Jack Scroggins Jr., 7-Oct-1955. Lon was born 15-June-1931 in Sylacauga, Talladega County, AL and died 14-July-2000 in Warner Robins, Houston County, GA. They have two sons. See The Silent Plea of Every Heart, a collection of poetry by Marion Jones Scroggins. (photos coming soon...)

Norman Leroy McInvale and Ethel Barfield had the following family:

1.William Norman McInvale b. 17-May-1936, Macon County, GA, married Helen Rowson 6-January-1959, She died with cancer. Issue: 1. Melanie McInvale b. 5-Sept-1960 in Ormond Beach, FL., 2. Sharron McInvale, b. 10-December-1964, Ormond Beach, FL., married Scott King. Had son Jason William McInvale, b. 14 November-1981 and one daughter Amanda Lee King. b October 1983.

2.Dora Faye McInvale b. 17-October-1939, Macon County, Ga., married James Howard McGaha (no date) Children: Maria McGaha b. 17-Nov-1964 Atlanta, Dekalb County, Ga.; Phillip McGaha, b. 15-April-1968 in Atlanta, Dekalb County, Ga.

3.Kenneth Ray McInvale, b. 4 July 1946 Taylor county, Georgia, mar. Addie Lou Smith "Cricket", 20-July-1966 in Thomaston, children: Audrey Lynn born in Thomaston (no date) Pamela born in Thomaston (no date)

4.Stillborn boy b. Macon County 1938 buried at Little Bethel .

5,Stillborn boy 1941, Macon County, buried at Little Bethel.

Fred Glen Self and Dora Clinton Barfield had the following family:

1. Gwendolyn Self, b. ?, married Gary Porter, two sons, Clay ? and Clifford ?

2. Thomas Self

3. Gary Self

under construction

Jesse B. Barfield and Martha Lois Sanders had the following family:

One daughter?, one grandson named Danny?

under construction

Susan Collier's Barfield page

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Sources: Guelda Hay, John R. Adams , John Griffin , Dennis Miller , National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0003, 00003409, Susan Collier , Grady Julian Jones, Bobby C. Smith, Davine Campbell

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Will Abstract of Jesse Barfield [1790-1861]

Posted by Davine V. Campbell <> on Sat, 30 Jan 1999

Surname: Barfield

Macon County, Ga. March 25, 1861 Will Book "A" Pg.77
In the name of God Amen. I, Jesse Barfield of Macon Co.
Ga. being of advanced age and in feeble health and desiring to make a disposition of the property with which a kind Providence has blessed me, I there fore make, publish and ordain this my last Will and Testament this twenty-fifth day of March in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and
sixty one, in manner & form following viz:
ITEM 1 - Body buried in decent & christian like manner.
ITEM 2 - Just debts be speedily paid.
ITEM 3 - Beloved wife, Nancy Barfield have land whereon I now live, with all appurtenancy for her own use during

her natural life.
ITEM 4 - Also to by wife, Nancy Barfield the following negroes with their increase: Lucy, a woman about 35, Sarah, a woman about 23, George a boy about 7; Henry a boy about 6; Lafayette a boy about 2.
ITEM 5 - To daughter Beda James and heirs, a negro woman, Lucy and her increase, after the death of my wife
to whom said negro is bequeathed during her natural life.
ITEM 6 - To son, Owen Barfield, negro boy, George, after the death of my wife.
ITEM 7 - To daughter Adah Barfield, negro boy, Henry, after the death of my wife.
ITEM 8 - To daughter Eliza Souter, negro boy, Lafayette,
after death of my wife
ITEM 9 - To son, Jesse B. Barfield, negro woman, Sarah & increase, after death of my wife.
ITEM 10 - To daughters, Edna Barfield, Beda James, Adah Barfield and Eliza Souter, Land and aoppurtenances thereunto belonging on which I now live to be equally
divided between them after the death of my wife.
ITEM 11 - All other property for use and benefit of wife, at her death to be sold and proceeds equally divided among
my children: Edna Barfield, Beda James, Owen Barfield, Adah Barfield, Eliza Souter & Jesse B. Barfield.
ITEM 12 - I give and bequeath to Brittan Brooks who married my daughter, Mary Barfield - one dollar.
ITEM 13 - I give to Edmund Killebrew, who married my daughter Sabrina Barifled - One Dollar.
ITEM 14 - I appoint and ordain my sons, Owen Barfield and Jesse B. Barfield, executors to ,my last will and testament
Signed: March 25, 1961 Jesse (X) Barfield [1861, transcription error? --Steve Scroggins]
Wit: W. F. Duncan

J. H. Martin

S (X) Dukes
Court of Ordinary - June Term 1861 - The preceeding Last
Will and Testament of Jesse Barfield, late of said County, deceased. proved in open court, ordered to be admitted to record in common form June 3, 1861 - Jno. L.Parker,Ord..

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