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Cheina Gittel (Bloch) Volk

Cheina Gittel (Bloch) m. Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk Cheina Gittel was one of 4 children: (See bottom of page for Cheina write-up) I. Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) Shulman m. Isaac Shulman II. Rasha (Bloch) Saidel m. Isaac Labe Saidel III. Bluma (Bloch) Volk m. Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk IV. Schmuel Yankel Bloch m. Preiss III. DESCENDANTS OF: Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk m. Cheina Gittel (Bloch) Moishe born Shakiai, Lithuania, Cheina Gittel born Shakiai, Lithuania, (Cheina Gittel daughter of Reb Shleime Leib Bloch and Vilchne Bloch) A. Eva "Vilchna" (Volk) Davidow B. Abe Volk C. Sam Volk D. Anna (Volk) Kaplan E. Sophie (Volk) Shapiro F. Sylvia (Volk) Silver A. Eva "Vilchna" (Volk) m. Meyer Davidow. 1. Joshua Davidow m. Marian (Perell) 2. Mae (Davidow) m. Joe Tarnoff. 3. Fran Davidow 4. Sol Davidow m. Jean (Sadler) 5. Jean Davidow B. Abe Volk m. Lillian (Harris) 1. Morris Volk married Rhoda (Lynn) 2. Roselyn (Volk) married Martin Kiefer. 3. Saul Volk C. Sam Volk m. Sarah (Fives) 1. Martha (Volk) m. Frank Magarick. 2. Herb Volk m. Erma 3. Jean (Volk) m. Joe Green. D. Anna (Volk) m. Carl Kaplan. 1. Seena (Kaplan) Turkell 2. Clair (Kaplan) Feinberg 1. Seena (Kaplan) m. Leonard Turkell 2. Clair (Kaplan) Novar m. Leonard Novor E. Sophie (Volk) m. William Shapiro. 1. Melvin Shapiro 2. Florence (Shapiro) Kricheff F. Sylvia (Volk) m. Sam Silver. 1. Maurice Silver 2. Tovah (Silver) Marion G. Meyer Volk died Sep 7 1929, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Lebanon Cemetary. -------------------- Cheina (Bloch) Volk Cheina (Bloch) VOLK was married to Moishe Vilk (changed to Volk). She traveled under the name Cheine Vilkiene. Cheina's Lithuanian passport is #5464. It lists her as traveling from Antwerp to NY on 4/30/23. Her US Immigration Visa, dated 8/1924, states that her husband Moishe Vilk, was born in Shaki (Szakiai), Lithuania and is deceased. It further states that Cheina is the daughter of Vichne & Shlpima Bloch who are deceased. She has a neice named Mirium Bloch who is living in Vabalninkas, Lithuania. Per her US passport, Cheina states that she traveled from Antwerp to NY and her final destination is Phila,Pa. She is going to be met by her son Sam Wolk who resides at 2557 W Sterner St. Phila.

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