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Ohio: Revelation, Organization and the Gathering

Kirtland, Ohio was little more than a crossroads when the missionaries to the Lamanites stopped here en route to Missouri in late 1830. Parley P. Pratt, who had an association with Sidney Rigdon, stopped to see his friend. This visit produced the conversion of Sidney Rigdon, which in turn produced the harvest of Rigdon's congregation, who had been Campbellites. After Rigdon's visit to Joseph Smith in New York, as well as a revelation by the prophet, the gathering of Latter-day Saints in Ohio began in 1831. This gathering was accelerated by the construction of the Kirtland Temple, which was completed in 1836. Latter-day Saint settlement in Ohio continued until 1838, at which time most of the faithful Latter-day Saints moved down to Missouri to join their brethren.

Ohio Chronology  

A short chronology of the Church in Ohio:

  • 1830: missionaries to the Lamanites arrive in Ohio and preach to Sidney Rigdon
  • 1831: Joseph Smith and others make their homes in Ohio
  • 1832: Joseph Smith receives Doctrine and Covenants 76 at Hiram, Ohio; later, persecution forces him to leave Hiram
  • 1834: the construction of the Kirtland temple begins
  • 1836: the temple is completed; pentacostal experiences are recorded
  • 1837-38: the faithful Latter-day Saints mostly leave Ohio for the West
Ohio: an interview by Milton V. Backman

Please click here to hear the interview. The interview is in MP3 format.



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