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Utah: "This is the Right Place"

During 1845 and 1846, Latter-day Saint leaders at Nauvoo studied maps and evaluated locations to which the Mormon people might migrate.  John C. Frémont's maps and descriptions were a factor in the decision to settle in the Great Basin. On 4 February 1846, the Latter-day Saints began to leave their homes and head out West into the unknown. They finally arrived in modern-day Utah, which has remained a place of strength and gathering for the Latter-day Saints.  

A Brief Chronology of Utah

The following is a brief chronology of Mormonism in Utah:

  • July 1847: Mormon pioneers arrive in the Salt Lake Valley
  • 1850: the first bid for statehood is rejected
  • 1852: Latter-day Saint leaders announce that the Church is practicing polygamy
  • 1857-1858: the Utah War and the Mountain Meadows Massacre
  • 1862, 1880 and 1887: the federal government passes laws against polygamy; as a result, many polygamists are imprisoned
  • 1890: the First Manifesto is issued by Wilford Woodruff
  • 1896: Utah is admitted as the 45th state of the United States
Utah: An interview by Brian Q. Cannon

Click here to hear the interview.


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