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There are a number of other compact disc resources that are not necessarily databases. These often contain excerpts of journals, audio interviews, video re-enactments and portrayals, and other multimedia resources related to Mormon history. This section will review some of these collections and provide links to related websites (if they exist). 

Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia  

This multimedia resource was produced by KUED, the University of Utah's PBS station, in 1996. The audio and visual resources contained on the disc are superb, although not all articles on the printed encyclopedia are found in the compact disc (for example, the article on Utah population over the years). Click here for a link to UCME's web site.


Faith in Every Footstep: 1847-1997  

This compact disc was created by the Public Affairs Department of the LDS Church in 1997, to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of the Mormon pioneers into Utah in 1847. It includes diary excerpts of Mormon pioneers, resources for the press, and audio and video relating to the Mormon pioneers experience. This disc is available at LDS Church distribution centers.


Family History Source Guide 

This compact disc, produced by the Church for its genealogical enterprises, contains comprehensive resources on government, ecclesiastical, and institutional sources of genealogical records.  While this disc was created for genealogical research, the sources in the guide are very useful for Mormon history as well. This disc is available at LDS Church distribution centers.


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