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Party Girls - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 32K
Summary: Quinn decides to throw a party, and Helen forces Daria to partici-
                 pate in the preparations-- and what's worse, she even has to attend.
                 In the end, Quinn nearly ruins the big day for Daria... until Trent
                 saves it.

Path Less Trodden, The - Tremere, Dante
Size: 3K
Summary: Daria writes a letter to Jane in the future, accounting everyone's

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Damned - Mattera, Naomi
Size: 38K
Summary: Daria and Jane have to participate in a bakesale. They drag Trent
                 and Jesse in it.

Physics Of Drowning, The - fatora
Size: 5K
Summary: Daria and Jane recieve an assignment to build a boat, and Jesse
                 and Trent help out...sorta...

Poor Pathetic Planet - Shanahan, Timothy
Size: 16K
Summary: A Daria/Captain Planet crossover.

Precious Declaration - Pfeffer, Michael J.
Size: 11K
Summary: This is a short journey into the life of Michael Andrews, the male
                 lead in all of MJP's fanfics. It explains where he came from and
                 what he's all about.

Prepaid Phone Card Call of Tommy Sheridan, The - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 67K
Summary: A Daria/Real Ghostbusters crossover. When the ghost of
                 Lawndale's lecherous football legend haunts the high school, Peter,
                 Egon, et al. are called in; however, matters get serious when
                 Sheridan possesses Daria.

Prommies - Gliniecki, Candice
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria and Jane decide (reluctantly) to go to the prom and Quinn
                 tries to get a good deal on a dress.