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Taking Debate - Forman, C.E.
Size: 77K
Summary: Daria, Quinn and Sandi participate in the school forensics
                 regionals, where they learn a little something about independent
                 thought... at least, Daria does.

Tanfastic - Ritchie, Kathrine
Size: 20K
Summary: Daria goes to the beach, with some unwelcome company...

Thank You, Drive Through - aphrael
Size: 11K
Summary: Quinn runs up a huge mastercard bill and is forced to get a job at
                 McDonald's. Daria, of course, takes full advantage of situation.

That Thing You Say - Wild, Kara
Size: 99K
Summary: Daria the English whiz finds that three little words are the hardest
                to say as she ponders her relationship with Helen. Meanwhile,
                Quinn learns that friendship costs a little more than she bargained

Thicker than Water - C.E. Forman and Danny Bronstein
Size: 68K

This is Spinal Crap - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 112K
Summary: Kevin is left paralyzed while playing semi-pro football and is forced
                to think about what's important in his life.

Three Prommed Attack - Acrobat
Size: 26K
Summary: Prom season at Lawndale! Quinn conducts a date audit, Jane gets
                 some crafty ideas, and Daria becomes a conscientious objector.

Through the Moshpit: Daria's Adventures In Wonderland - Corbin, Colby (MockingBird Grrl)
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria gets a bump on the noggin and is sent off to Wonderland,
                 where she runs into some familiar faces.

Through The Rainbow - Crazy Nutso new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 26K
Summary: Daria & Jane get stuck in yet another musical involving a natural disaster
                as a tornado carries them to the land of Oz.

Tie That Chokes, The (revised) - Wild, Kara 
Size: 111K
Summary: Amy visits the Morgendorffers in Lawndale, where her close
                 relationship with Daria inflames Helen's jealousy. And Quinn
                 passes Amy off as Daria's mother... with some disastrous results.

To Helen Back - Forman, C.E.
Size: 71K
Summary: Jake and Helen subject the girls to the horrors of "Take Your
                 Daughter to Work" Day.

Torment Trilogy Part 1: The Confrontation, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 6K
Summary: A year from now, Daria confronts Trent about something.

Torment Trilogy Part 2: Sleepover at Brittany's, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 14K
Summary: To get over a recent tragedy in her life, Daria sleeps over at Brittany's

Torment Trilogy Part 3: The Brown-Haired Girl, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 15K
Summary: The trilogy ends as Daria helps out a friend and eventually gets
                something she always wanted.

Trent Gets a Job - Stephanie
Size: 10K
Summary: Trent finally gets a job as a guard when Jane refuses to lend
                 him anymore money. Chaos ensues when his first job is to baby-sit
                 Brittany Taylor.

Trent's Dream - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: Trent has a dream about falling in love with Daria.

Trent's (Mis)Fortune (1-5/?) - Manpreet S.
Size: 30K

Trent's Nightmare - Mitch
Size: 4K
Summary: Trent has a nightmare about Daria and their soon-to-be-born baby.

Trial by Ordeal - McElligott, Chris
Size: 49K
Summary: Daria is kidnapped and her friends enlist a the aid of a bootlegger
                to rescue her.

Trick or Treat - Adelman, Barry Eshkol
Size: 22K
Summary: Daria and Jane outskirt a restriction on Halloween costumes at
                 school and get some unexpected attention.

Triumph Of The Retart - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 229K
Summary: A Special Education student decides to run for Student Government
                 President, with serious repercussions.

Trouble With Groupies - Danielle
Size: 8K
Summary: Quinn searches for a new boyfriend and comes up with a very
                 interesting solution.

Two Halves Of A Brock - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: Daria has a pet Pokemon and Trent's half brother visits...right when
                 Sandi's was...