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Abraham, George K. - Jane's World: Ice Box Woman
Size: 65K
Summary: Jane and Jesse play matchmaker with Daria and Trent and few years
                 in the future.

ACLI - Empire Strikes Back Records
Size: 49K
Summary: Daria, Trent, Jesse, and Jane get jobs at an alternativeish record
                 store named Empire Strikes Back Records. They are enjoying the
                 jobs, but the store is in danger of being closed, so Jesse hatches a
                 plan to save the store.

Acrobat - Atomic Prom
Size: 24K
Summary: The sequel to "Three Prommed Attack". The Lawndale Prom. The
                 J's have hooked up with the Fashion Club; Quinn's stuck with
                 Upchuck. Ms. Li's on a security rampage and the decor is
                 unspeakable. Will they get through the Prom alive?

Acrobat - Brownstone, Green Eyed
Size: 27K
Summary: After Daria barely survives her first semester in a college dorm, she
                 and Jane move into one floor of a house where the members of
                 Mystik Spiral have already taken up residence. Domestic tranquility
                 goes out the window when Trent starts dating one of the upstairs
                 neighbors, who has some very familiar qualities…

Acrobat - Quiz Kids Are Alright, The
Size: 28K
Summary: When Ms. Li sells Lawndale out again, this time to game-show
                 recruiters, Daria accidentally lands a spot on "Quiz Kids 2000".

Acrobat - Snappily Ever After
Size: 19K
Summary:  Two rather short Daria/fairy-tale crossovers: "Sleeping Beauty"
                 and "The Emperor's New Clothes".

Acrobat - Three Prommed Attack
Size: 26K
Summary: Prom season at Lawndale! Quinn conducts a date audit, Jane gets
                 some crafty ideas, and Daria becomes a conscientious objector.

Adelman, Aaron Solomon - Mission: Irrational
Size: 18K

Adelman, Barry Eshkol - Daria In Wonderland
Size: 10K
Summary: Daria has strange encounters on a snipe-hunting trip. A crossover
                 between Daria/Beavis and Butt-Head/Lewis Carroll.

Adelman, Barry Eshkol - Death Of A Rabbit
Size: 31K
Summary: After being overheard, Daria finds herself the subject of rumors.

Adelman, Barry Eshkol - Trick or Treat  
Size: 22K
Summary: Daria and Jane outskirt a restriction on Halloween costumes at
                 school and get some unexpected attention.

Adelman, Barry Eshkol - Way Things Ought To Be, The
Size: 49K
Summary: A careless wish takes Daria on a trip into the Twilight Zone. A
                crossover between Daria/Beavis and Butt-Head/The Twilight Zone.

Alexandria - Night You Should Remember, A new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria spends the night at Jane's and Trent comes home drunk.
                Misunderstandings ensue.

Andrea - Daria's Nightmare
Size: 7K
Summary: Daria's worst nightmare comes true when she wakes up and finds
                 out that she's become her sister.

aphrael - Thank You, Drive Through
Size: 11K
Summary: Quinn runs up a huge masterdard bill and is forced to get a job at
                 McDonald's. Daria, of course, takes full advantage of situation.