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Accept No Substitutes - Forman, C.E.
Size: 65K
Summary: A new substitute teacher at Lawndale triggers a change in students'
                 attitudes...and puts Ms Li on the rampage.

Andrea - Wise, Jessica
Size: 2K
Summary: Life from Andrea's point of view.

Andrea Speaks! - Wild, Kara
Size: 107K
Summary: Both Morgendorffer sisters are forced to take a hard look at their
                lives as Daria comes face to face with someone more alienated than
                she, and an incident during the Fashion Club elections causes Quinn
                to finally make a decision about her glasses.

Atomic Prom - Acrobat
Size: 24K
Summary: The sequel to "Three Prommed Attack". The Lawndale Prom. The
                 J's have hooked up with the Fashion Club; Quinn's stuck with
                 Upchuck. Ms. Li's on a security rampage and the decor is
                 unspeakable. Will they get through the Prom alive?

Britt? - Suzy
Size: 6K
Summary: When Brittany is kicked off the cheerleading squad, she becomes
                 part of the Fashion Club, causing Quinn to become jealous.

Brittany's Fear - Mitch
Size: 7K
Summary: Brittany's ultimate fear - Daria becomes a popular cheerleader.

Carnival - SweetSummer7
Size: 19K
Summary: Lawndale High goes to a theme park for a few days.  

Cheater - Suzy 
Size: 3K
Summary: Daria does Jane's math project for her and Jane gets caught.

Cheered Down - Wild, Kara
Size: 115K
Summary: As Lawndale High's new head cheerleader, Quinn tries to cling to
                her popularity and stay a step ahead of Brittany. There's just one
                problem: she doesn't know how to cheer.

Daria's Halloween Extravaganza - May, Tara
Size: 21K
Summary:  Daria, Jane, Trent and Jesse go to a school Halloween party and
                  embarrass Quinn.

Death Of A Rabbit - Adelman, Barry Eshkol
Size: 31K
Summary: After being overheard, Daria finds herself the subject of rumors.

Fashion Statement, A - Stephanie
Size: 13K
Summary: The Fashion Club changes the school colors, upsetting Brittany.

Fast Times At Lawndale High (1/4) - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 19K
Summary: Get to know Trent, Jane, Mr. O'Neill, Mr. DiMartino,
                 Tommy Sherman and others back in 1995, before Daria moved
                 to Lawndale.

Fast Times At Lawndale High (2/4) - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 31K
Summary: See part one.

Fast Times At Lawndale High (3/4) - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 30K
Summary: See part one.

Fast Times At Lawndale High (4/4) - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 21K
Summary: See part one.

Fifteen Minutes of Frame - Covello, Austin
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: When Jane is awarded her own exhibition room at a museum, Ms.
                 Defoe turns it into a field trip. Meanwhile, Daria finds out that
                 Beavis and Butthead have their own TV show, with her likeness as
                 a character.

Free Quinn, Fly Her Miles Away - paperpusher
Size: ?K (It's not on my server)
Summary: When Daria is mysteriously selected for a three-week student
                 exchange to Belgium, of all places, Quinn has to deal with the
                 student sent to take her sister-- um, cousin's place. Meanwhile,
                 Daria tries to get down to the bottom of several mysteries, not the
                 least of which is who's behind this trip, anyway?

Genuine Imitation - Stephanie
Size: 12K

Girl Like Me, A - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 10K
Summary: A poem where Daria and Jane help a girl being beaten up because
                 she's smart and cynical.

Hero and the Tank, The - Gliniecki, Candice
Size: 14K
Summary: Jane "saves Kevin's life," and "The Tank" gets a groovy new paint

Historical Inevitability - Megaleus
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria, Jane, Upchuck, Brittany, and Kevin are formed into a group
                 and attempt to film a documentary about the Revolutionary War.

Hostile Makeover - SentryHope
Size: 31K
Summary: Quinn and the other Fashion Club elite must come up with an idea in
                 order to save their beloved organization from reduced funding.
                 They decided in order to do this they must transform someone from
                 "geek to chic". And that's were Daria comes in...

Inner Apathy - cherishc
Size: 20K
Summary: Lawndale's PE classes start teaching Yoga. Quinn catches the "inner
                 peace" bug and tries to get "earth crunchy".

Letters - Hello Kitty
Size: 2K
Summary: Daria write a letter to Jane on a school day and Jane writes back to
                 Daria. Daria gets a surprise out of it.

Lock-In, The - Dariafan03 new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 17K
Summary: Lawndale High has a voluntary (yeah right) all night lock-in for all
                students. When they ask for chaperones, guess who gets roped in.

Meeting of the Brains, A - Canadibrit new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 31K

Not From Around Here - P., Monica
Size: 13K
Summary: Daria and Jane reluctantly agree to be orientation guides for a perky
                 transfer student and end up befriending her.

Physics Of Drowning, The - fatora
Size: 5K
Summary: Daria and Jane recieve an assignment to build a boat, and Jesse
                 and Trent help out...sorta...

Prommies - Gliniecki, Candice
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria and Jane decide (reluctantly) to go to the prom and Quinn
                 tries to get a good deal on a dress.  

Quinn Started It - Murphy, Heather
Size: 14K

Sexual Education - Markowitz, Alan
Size: 28K
Summary: Mr. DiMartino's class recieves an assignment to make a speech
                 about sex. This follows Daria, Jane, Kevin, and Upchuck in their
                 attempts to fulfill the assignment; Quinn decides to do her own
                 little research with the help of Joey, Jeffy, and Jaime (Webmaster's
                 Note: OK, that description sounded *really* sick.)

So Sew Me - Mattera, Naomi
Size: 29K
Summary: When Jane and Daria end up in clothing class, Jane makes Quinn a
                 dress and Daria makes Trent a shirt.

Swing Happy - Prindora
Size: 4K
Summary: Daria and Jane's P.E. class takes part in a square dancing class.

Taking Debate - Forman, C.E.
Size: 77K
Summary: Daria, Quinn and Sandi participate in the school forensics
                 regionals, where they learn a little something about independent
                 thought... at least, Daria does.

This is Spinal Crap - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 112K
Summary: Kevin is left paralyzed while playing semi-pro football and is forced
                to think about what's important in his life.

Three Prommed Attack - Acrobat
Size: 26K
Summary: Prom season at Lawndale! Quinn conducts a date audit, Jane gets
                 some crafty ideas, and Daria becomes a conscientious objector.

Trick or Treat - Adelman, Barry Eshkol
Size: 22K
Summary: Daria and Jane outskirt a restriction on Halloween costumes at
                 school and get some unexpected attention.

Triumph Of The Retart - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 229K
Summary: A Special Education student decides to run for Student Government
                 President, with serious repercussions.